Bathroom Leak Detection

We at South East Leak Detection can investigate and detect leaks from bathroom and ensuites.

Leaks in bathroom/ensuites can be destructive and expensive to repair especially if the waterproofing membrane is compromised.

Indications of a leak can include water being noticeable in adjoining rooms after a shower is used, some leaking bathrooms located upstairs can cause water be seen dripping through the ceiling below.

Leaks can occur due the following:

1/. Water supply leak

2/. Drainage problem

3/. Compromised waterproofing membrane

4/. Water ingress.


We will attend and conduct a series of tests to identify what is the cause of the leak.

These include:

1/. Water meter and pressure test – which tests the integrity of the water supply on the property

2/. A shower breach test where we remove the shower head and cap it then re test the line with the mixer/shower taps turned of. This tests from the taps/mixer up to the shower head.

3/. A 15 minute specific drain test.

4/. A 15 minute shower base dye flood test where we plug the shower drain, fill with water and test the shower base with dye looking for dye being drawn into any potential leak source.

5/. A 15 minute simulated shower test which test the integrity of the tiles/membrane on the shower wall.

6/. Moisture meter readings of the effected area.

7/. An insurance written report including photographs/video can be provided, if required.

If you suspect you may have a leak in your bathroom/ensuite we strongly recommend you contact your home insurer  to ascertain whether this is is a claimable event covered under your policy.

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