Signs of a leak

Spot the signs of a leak

Other than an unusually high water bill, common symptoms of a leak may include:

  • Wet spots in landscaped areas and/or water pooling on the ground surface.
  • An area that is noticeably greener than its surrounding
  • An irrigated area is suddenly brown when it use to be lush.
  • Cracks in pavement or concrete
  • Pot or sink holes
  • Hot spots in walls or flooring
  • Mould occurring
  • Damaged paint or wallpaper
  • Warped or stained walls
  • Stained or damaged flooring
  • Stained or damaged ceilings

If you are experiencing any of these signs at your home or facility, prevent further damage and extensive repair costs by getting in contact with the team at South East Leak Detection.

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