Vinyl & Fibreglass Swimming Pool Leaks

Losing water in your vinyl or fibreglass pool?

The team at South East Leak Detection are continually striving to seek out and utilise the latest technology in order to both efficiently and professionally locate leaks in your vinyl and/or fibreglass swimming pool.

By using the LeakTrac 2400, the team at South East Leak Detection can easily locate and identify structural leaks in vinyl and fibreglass pools.

How it Works

The LeakTrac 2400 inserts a small electrical current into the pool and through the use of a probe can locate the smallest of pin holes leaks within the pool shell. Without early identification, these holes (which are easily overlooked through die testing methods) can often transcend into larger cracks/tears and consequently, significantly undermine the structural integrity of the pool.

This state of the art technology now completely compliments our other conventional  leak detection methods which test the integrity of your pools plumbing system, main drain, lights and skimmer box.

If you are experiencing a leak in your fibreglass or vinyl swimming pool system, prevent further damage and extensive repair costs by getting in contact with the team at South East Leak Detection.

Are you losing water?

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South East Leak Detection find and repair vinyl and fibreglass swimming pool leaks in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Moreton &  Redland Bays regions.


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